Sell Your Catamaran or Trimaran

We would very much like to sell your catamaran or trimaran multihull. Our reputation, combined with multimedia marketing, assures the quickest and most qualified exposure. We owe our success to:

  • The most heavily trafficked multihull-for-sale web site available with daily exposure averaging +3000 individual users and +15,00 page views.

  • Our opt-in E-mail list with +50,000 current multihull afficionado subscribers!

  • Our easily accessed dockage in Ft. Lauderdale experiences 20-50 visitors per week. Most catamarans don't get seen that often elsewhere in a year.

  • Our participation in at least 3 major boat shows per year.

  • Our national and local magazine advertising in 2 national and up to 2 local publications which is magnified by this web site.

Sell Your Multihull


Thanks from 2Hulls where you will sell your catamaran or trimaran multihull.