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"Endangered Species" in Fiji
Voyage 430
We are currently in Savusavu, Fiji, GPS coordinates 16:46:626S and 179:20:233E. We had a very uneventful motor sail the whole way here from Tonga. We traveled 470 miles in 55 hours. We where so thankful for our new whisker pole which allowed us to motor sail died down wind, wing & wing maximizing our speed. The "auto prop" style of props we have on both engines pay for themselves again.
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Wedding on a Catamaran
Lagoon 440
Just recently a surprise wedding was done on a Lagoon 440 "Ciao Italia" in the gorgeous British Virgin Islands. Sailing Vacations are impressive on their own, but the newlyweds will truly remember this one.
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Southern Belle
Venezia 42
The Crew of Southern Belle, George, Melinda, and Joshua, welcome you to our website. We will endeavor to keep the site fresh and interesting, so check back often!
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Sailaway IV
Lagoon 500
Stepping aboard the multihull Lagoon 500 one can only say “WOW” - ‘what a boat!’ it’s big, luxurious & at first glance the all round visuals from inside the saloon looks and feels like being onboard the star ship “Enterprise”.
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Leopard 40
Gwyn and Mark Vernon currently live and sail aboard their 40 foot Leopard catamaran, ALA, in Florida and the Keys. Home is Wallingford, PA where they live with their four parrots. ALA will sail in the Chesapeake this summer, 2007.
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Blue Star
Lagoon 570
In an exclusive video shot by Zsolt Esztergomy (Captain at large and friend of The Catamaran Company) and Owner Jay Roth you can view the underwater wonders of the Caribbean from the vantage point of the popular Lagoon 570.
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Catana 431
My Last update was in July!!!! And it’s now October! WOW, where did that time go?

It’s hard to believe we have been in Venezuela almost four month by now. Time has passed so quickly and we have been too busy to update our web page. I guess it tells it all, we have had a wonderful time.

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