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BRIAN EILAND - Originally from the mech engr disciplines, Brian has studied sailing yacht designs continuously since 1969. For 18 yrs he owned & operated several multihull specialty companies based out of Annapolis, and involved with all aspects of multihulls, retail, rental, distribution, importing, brokerage, and design consultation. He has a vast experience with the growth of multihulls from the beginnings, and considerable sailing experiences on a vast array of boats. His desire is to offer a unique selection of true offshore cruising designs, both in form & function. Visit his 65 Gamefishing design. And he is willing to work with other designers to achieve even loftier goals.

DEREK KELSALL - Combining fresh and exciting ideas with style, variety and unmatched experience. Thinking multihull - the Kelsall range must be seen. Thinking of building - KSS must be seen. Here's one of his Tango 40s.

JEFF SCHIONNING - This link currently won't work until they fix their structure. I am sure you will find my designs reflect our sailing and live-aboard experience and will give you the offshore confidence to sail safely anywhere in the world. Multihulls are beautiful, safe, cruising boats. I hope you find them as exciting as we do. The success of my designs, I feel, stems from the practical commonsense approach of a boat builder, coupled with many years of live aboard experience and 50 - 60,000 sea miles in some of the worst conditions in the world. Take a look at Jeff's Wildcat 350.

JOHN SHUTTLEWORTH -  I have been designing professionally since 1976, and I have cruising and racing designs in many parts of the world. My interest has always been to design fast efficient boats, regardless of whether they are for cruising or racing. This has meant that I have concentrated on engineering and design principles allowing my designs to develop along the form follows function route. My interest in windage and overall lift to drag of the boats has meant that I have endeavored to develop shapes that are efficient when moving through air and water. This gives I believe, quite a characteristic style to my designs.

CHRIS WHITE - I built my first trimaran in 1973 and have been involved with multihull sailing, design and construction ever since. My yacht design business began in 1983 after I returned from a 2 year cruise on a new 52' trimaran that I had designed and built. I believe that cats and tris offer the cruising sailor the best combination of features for long distance cruising and have been dedicated to developing the most advanced designs for fast, safe and comfortable cruising boats. Here's Chris's Atlantic 42.

RICHARD WOODS - Woods Designs specialize in the design of sailing catamarans for both home and professional builders. Founded in 1981 we now boast possibly the largest and most comprehensive range of catamaran designs in the world. Designs range in size from 14' to 70' and types include beach cats, open deck cruisers, bridgedeck cabin cruisers, racing boats and trailable boats. Boats can be built in a range of materials of which the most popular include sheet ply, cold molded ply, strip plank cedar and foam sandwich. Over 1000 plans and over 200 production boats have now been sold. Examine one of his smaller designs - the Savannah 26.

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