Catamaran & Trimaran Cruising Services

These experts will knock themselves out providing your catamaran or trimaran multihull cruising service needs.. Click on them and visit their web sites to find out how to make your cruising communications, parts deliveries, address services, and other "away-from-home" needs far easier.

ST. BRENDAN'S ISLE, INC. - Let Tom and the rest of his crew handle your Mail Forwarding, VoiceMail and Discount Marine Supplies. They feature their "Cruisers Home Port Service" (tm) and have been serving liveaboards and cruisers for over 11 years. - The SailMail Association is a non-profit association of yacht owners that operates and maintains a network of FCC licensed, two-way, private coast stations in the Maritime Mobile Radio Service.  The Association provides radioprinter (e.g. Internet email) communications for its members on a cooperative basis, in order to meet the private business and operational needs of the members' yachts. The SailMail Association is currently operating stations in Palo Alto California, Rock Hill South Carolina, and NSW Australia.  Coverage of the SailMail system extends throughout the Pacific and Eastern Indian Oceans, and throughout the Atlantic and Caribbean.

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2Hulls for the best information on catamaran and trimaran multihull cruising services.