New Boat Buyer's Agents

Do you need a New Boat Buyer's Agent? 
Does a bear.....?

We now offer you, the new catamaran or trimaran buyer, proper and knowledgeable aid in getting a new multihull. After representing numerous new catamaran builders over the last 12 years, after watching the construction process get increasingly complicated, after viewing the globalization of locations to build and buy, after observing the risks inherent in the whole process, and after seeing first hand and helping solve very troublesome situations, we've decided that new catamaran and trimaran buyers better get the most independent and best help they can.

How will we help?

  • Representation - we'll be working only for you, not a catamaran manufacturer-dependent dealer!
  • Selection - You'll get our unbiased input on a model and its' builder's capabilities!
  • Contracts - we'll guide you through the contractual stage and its traps.
  • Building - we'll make sure you avoid the financial hazards and construction problems.
  • Delivery - we'll locate the best multihull delivery procedures and crews.
  • Post Delivery - we'll see you get the right expert advice to check out your new catamaran.
  • Registration/Documentation - we'll find the best agents for this procedure.
  • Sales taxes - once again, we'll guide you through this morass.
  • Fitting Out - you'll get our help in buying, saving, and installation of post delivery needs.
  • Warranty - we'll be behind you and helping push when, not if, warranty demands are necessary.

What does this cost?

Our costs will be fully disclosed and, in most cases, free because we'll be getting the commissions usually paid a catamaran or trimaran dealer. Often you'll actually save money because we don't need full dealer markups, because the builder may not have to pay a dealer the overage, because we've been negotiating new boats for years, and because all our clients get our West Marine (Port Supply) wholesale prices for a two week period.

Ready to start using us as your New Boat Buyer's Agent?

Please send us an email . We'll be right back to you to start the process in giving you the best that 2Hulls can! 

Still not convinced?

Click on this New Boat Buying Situations link to further examine why you need a New Boat Buyer's Agency. We've been in or know a lot about these catamaran or trimaran situations and they'll make you think.

Thanks from 2Hulls!