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Catapulting To The Future - The best general review of catamaran theory and usage..

Florida Sales & Use Taxes - an unpleasant subject, but one you need to know about. It'll probably just bring up more questions but ask us and we'll let you know what we think. For even more info, in legal terms, click here to go to the actual code.

Make The Most of Your Boat Show Experience - Good tips on making the most out of a multihull boat show.

Multihulls Are For Lovers - this one is fun, and true. Read it for a good chuckle.

The Electrical Energy System - This is the best introduction we know to understanding what your multihull should do for energy. You'll also have the chance to continue on in your search for this type of expert knowledge.

Time For Respect - A noted monohull columnist comes out of the closet!

What is Documentation? - Something we all need from a noted documentation agent.

What To Expect From A Brokerage Transaction - John Sykes guides you through the steps for buying a brokerage multihull.

Take at look at our Why? Series:
Catamaran - Why?
Used Catamaran - Why?
New Catamaran - Why?
Trailerable Catamaran - Why?

Your Boat Needs Insurance Too! - What to look for when buying multihull insurance.


A Catamaran Captain's Chronicles - Capt. Bill, on a Lagoon 57, entertains and informs. Keep checking back for the latest chapter and laugh.
Chapter 1 - Introduction
Chapter 2 - Where To Put It

Sailing A Catamaran - 10 sailing tips from an expert with more catamaran transatlantics than anyone we know.

The Great Bahamas Cruise (Kennex 38) - A pleasurable catamaran  cruise under tough conditions by ex-monohullers!

The Ten Commandments for Singlehanding a Catamaran - Great advice on catamaran sailing.

The Plight of Fat Cat (Gemini 34) - How does a Gemini 3400 catamaran do under survival conditions?


Catamarans -  Planing V. Displacement Comparison - This is a good discussion of the comparisons of planing versus displacement power catamarans. (05/13/99)

A Tale of Two (power) Cats - we are going to send you off site to this very informative article by David Pascoe, a noted marine surveyor with a wonderful web site. We'll let you decide which model is the one reviewed negatively. The postive review is on a Venturer power catamaran.


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