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Special Notice

The most important situation in the market right now are the boat lender's interest rates. Right now they are hovering around 5% which means that, if you are financing, you can afford almost 40% more boat than you could at 8%.

We really, really need listings at our dock! Don't forget that our Fort Lauderdale operations have +15 catamaran multihulls to see at our dockage at 1 & 2 Isle of Venice. We meet visitors from 9 AM to 4 PM, Monday through Saturday, other times by appointment when possible. But please call or E-mail us to let us know that you are coming.

Catamaran & Trimaran Market Conditions

Sector Strong
Normal Seller's
Sailing Catamarans < $200,000                                                                                                    
Sailing Catamarans > $200,000                                                                                                    
Power Catamarans                                                                                                    

There is nothing scientific about the above ratings. They are simply our gut reaction to the state of the market's supply and demand as it affects most domestic and Caribbean markets. We will try to update these as often as we sense a real change. Light grey boxes indicate the starting point of our previous posting.

Our web site traffic is up over 25% from last year, our E-mail never seems to quit, and our data base keeps growing. If you are interested in more statistics, look here.

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The Latest Charter / Sailing School News

We are revamping our Charter and Sailing School so that we will review and redirect all your requests. What we are really after here is seeing that these requests get handled as they should!

Recent Ship's Store & Misc.

We are going to start cutting this back to fewer but more selected products with their own pages. We have done away with the Classifieds.

Tips And How-Tos

When buying a boat, never but never, accept someone else's survey. We don't care if it is one week old.

Brand new Worldwide search tools on some of our pages! Use it to search the multihulls for sale in the world's largest brokerage data base.

"Watch This Page Tool" is back at the top and bottom of every page in this web site. Use it to get very quick notice when changes, like a price reduction, spec sheet info, and other important news affects that yacht or page. Just go to the web page or boat or whatever page interests you, click on the "Watch This Page Tool" in the blue bar at the top of the page, and submit the short form. Our server will give you almost immediate notification of important changes to that page. Definitely use it on this page if you want the latest important changes almost instantaneously!

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