Sailing School

Customized Sailing School for Charter Guests

1- Live Aboard Cruising
This course is designed to instill complete confidence in captaining a multihull sailboat 38’- 50’.  Mixed in with all of the facets to bareboat cruising is a different anchorage every night and ideal sailing conditions.  This course combines the US Basic cruising and the US bareboat cruising certifications.

Tuition rates: $355 pp for 1-2 people + Instructors’ fee of $170/day plus meals and gratuity
Includes texts, logbook and exam certification fees
To add a 3rd or 4th person $110 pp supplement
Recommended time for completion: 5-7 days
Prerequisite: Basic Keelboat

2- Cruising Catamaran
Catamarans are the growing boat of choice for many as they offer spaciousness, comfort and no heeling. The cruising catamaran course covers terminology and hardware identification specific to cats; identifying the differences between multihulls and monohulls, including systems, boat handling under power and under sail, person overboard, heavy weather sailing, anchoring and docking the boat.

Tuition Rates: $215 pp for 1-2 people + instructor’s fee of $175/day plus meals and gratuity
Includes text and exam certification fee
To add a 3rd or 4th person $85 pp supplement
Recommended time for completion: 2 days

This course may be combined with the Live Aboard Cruising course or may be added to the beginning of your bareboat charter.  Generally guests hire the instructor for 2 days, the instructor will stay aboard overnight and is returned by 4 p.m. on day 2; thereafter the students will bareboat for 5 days).
Prerequisites: Basic Keelboat, Live aboard cruising (which combines Basic Cruising & Bareboat Cruising)

3- Basic Keelboat*
For everyone with an interest in learning to sail catamarans and ultimately chartering a catamaran, it is recommended that the Fundamentals of sailing still be learned on a tiller driven basic keelboat 22-27’. This ensures that students gain an understanding of the principles of sailing, covering interaction of wind and sail, points of sail, tacking and jibing, knots and more.  This course will reward each student with the objective and subjective know how to command a boat of up to 30’.  The elements required for this course can be covered in two days of on the water training.   The format consists of one hour of classroom, concentration on terminology, part of the boat, knots and theory, followed by 4 hours of on the water training each day. It is a day course with on shore accommodations. Upon completion of this course, students are ready to move on to the cruising catamaran and achieve their Bareboat Charter and Catamaran Cruising certifications.    Children from age 12 are welcome and encouraged to participate in the Basic Keelboat course.

Tuition Rates: The rate is $430 pp (for students 3 & 4, the fee is $165 pp)
 Includes, 2 days instruction on IC24, text, logbook, certification exam and 1 year membership to either US Sailing or ASA.
Onshore accommodations required. 
*This course cannot be taught on a catamaran.

4- Coastal Passage Making
This course is truly an adventure as students set out for St. Martin which lies ninety miles to windward. Out of sight of land for most of the trip, navigation is not just an asset, it is essential. The Anegada Passage is busy with commercial shipping, therefore, students will get a first hand look at lights at night.  As this is open water sailing, watch systems are set up, logs are kept, safety harnesses are worn, steps are taken as if this were a long distance boat delivery.   Other skills mastered include Med mooring, night anchoring and mobs, star navigation and more.
The itinerary for this course is to St. Martin & St. Barths.  For those with a preference for staying within BVI waters this course can be offered within the BVI as well.

Tuition: $325pp for 1-2 people + instructor’s fee, meals, gratuity, all expenses (customs incl. drop off fees if guests disembark in St Martin).
Includes text and exam certification fee;
to add a 3rd or 4th person $85 pp supplement.
Recommended time for completion: 5-7 days
Prerequisites: Basic Keelboat, Basic Cruising, Bareboat Cruising, Coastal Navigation.

5- Coastal Navigation
Coastal navigation graduates will be able to demonstrate the navigational theory required to safely navigate a sailing vessel in coastal or inland waters through traditional navigation techniques. Students will also learn how to integrate electronic navigation tools into the navigation plan.
Tuition Rates:  $300 pp for 1-2 people
 Includes instructor’s fee, text and exam certification fee
To add a 3rd or 4th person $110 pp.
Completion Hours: 8 hours classroom- no on the water time required

Coastal Navigation can be combined with the Live Aboard Cruising course or the Coastal Passage Making course for a discounted tuition of $220 pp.
Students may incorporate this course into their charter if they choose to arrive a day early or preferably stay an additional day.

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